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WikiFundi is an easy way for people who don’t have endless access to the internet to contribute to Wikipedia. The software provides the same experience as editing Wikipedia. It develops the ability for people within the same group or space to collaborate with each other on building articles, and to learn how to work with Wikipedia’s editing interface, and rules. WikiFundi was developed to step in when technology, access and electricity outages fail or are not available at all. 

Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director endorses WikiFundi

Katherine Mayer is Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director. Here is her words on WikiFundi, offered during WikiIndaba 2017 in Accra.

Katherine Maher endorses WikiFundi.

What is WikiFundi?
wikifundi-a5-flyer-englishWikiFundi is an editing platform that provides an offline editable environment that provides a similar experience to editing Wikipedia online. WikiFundi allows for training and contribution when technology, access and electricity outages fail or are not available at all. It enables individuals, groups and communities to learn how to edit Wikipedia, and to work on articles collaboratively. Once completed and connected to the internet, these articles can be uploaded to Wikipedia. The software operates in French and English.

WikiFundi also has host of different resources available to help both teachers, trainers and Wikipedia volunteers to help others.

Leaflet to download

Poster to download

Why is it needed?

The WikiAfrica movement has initiated several Wikipedian activation projects across Africa. During the course of these projects, there were some challenges that curtailed the success of the Wikipedians in Residence / Community. These challenges included:

  • a lack of access to online services in community or rural settings;
  • personal access being in most cases only by phone;
  • the inability to access resources via one ‘gateway’ and
  • the lack of marketing and communication material available to hand out to potential partners or trainees.
How do I get WikiFundi?
There are several ways of getting the WikiFundi platform. You can either:

  1. Download WikiFundi yourself. Here are clear instructions if you have your own offline server. Visit this page for full details : https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiFundi/en
  2.  Buy the various WikiFundi packages directly from Wiki In Africa. Details as to each package is available here.
  3. WikiFundi is also available onto the devices of the Orange Foundation’s Digital Schools Programme, available to all schools part of their network.

WikiFundi is

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