WikiAfrica Schools

WikiAfrica Schools introduces, trains, and supports students as they incorporate a Wikipedia article-writing programme into their curriculums. WikiAfrica Schools is collaboratively developed with educators so that it fits seamlessly into each institution’s teaching programme, teaches students key information literacy skills, and helps to build the next generation of online content creators. In 2017, the pilot programme in South Africa was conducted in collaboration with the Moleskine Foundation and the Co-laboratory Workshops funded by the Wikimedia Foundation.

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WikiChallenge African Schools

WikiChallenge African Schools encourages schools across Africa to compete by writing articles on Vikidia (the little sister of Wikipedia) about their city, town, village, suburb, a local landmark or a notable local person using the WikiFundi platform. The competition is a fun introduction to writing encyclopedic articles and will add information about Africa to the global online encyclopedias. WikiChallenge African Schools took place during 2018 in collaboration with the Orange Foundation with the aim of introducing Vikidia and Wikipedia to their next generation of editors. It is reconnected in 2019.

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