Introducing schools to WikiFundi and Wikipedia by incorporating  local article-writing programme into their curriculums in order to build the next generation of Wikipedians.

WikiAfrica Schools supports the teacher’s mission to introduce online knowledge systems and how they work to their students, along with critical information literacy skills, and best practices and tools relating to critical thought. Additionally, the students benefit by being part of a global movement and learn that their knowledge is valued and valuable. 

The existing curriculum is used as a base for the WikiAfrica Schools programme, which provides educators and students with an opportunity to use the WikiFundi offline editing environment to contribute to Wikipedia and thus develop and strengthen their curriculum-aligned teaching.

Currently in the proof of concept phase, the WikiAfrica Schools project is training and supporting the African School of Excellence (ASE) and Global Teacher Institute’s Future Leaders to incorporate writing Wikipedia articles in their teaching plans. The project is building each model collaboratively with the school to ensure its effectiveness.

The programme provides in-depth training for teachers. The WikiFundi devices are donated to each participating organisation. On each device is a host of offline education resources, including Wikipedia, Wiktionary, WikiSource and Wikiquote, in addition to the WikiFundi environment that mimics the processes required to contribute to Wikipedia offline. Partnering institutions receive ongoing support – both remotely and on-Wiki – for the first three months of the integration programme.

ASE students reading Wikipedia at the WikiAfrica Storytelling workshop at ASE in 2015. Photo:  Siphosihle Khwanazi


The WikiAfrica Schools proof of concept is a Wiki In Africa project in collaboration with the Moleskine Foundation. A Co-laboratory Workshop with South Africa’s education stakeholders was conducted in late 2017 and early 2018 through a rapid grant from the Wikimedia Foundation.


The photographs on this page were taken by Siphosihle Khwanazi at the African School of Excellence in 2015 when lettera27 and WikiAfrica conducted a Storytelling week.

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