Buy WikiFundi

On this page, you can buy the WikiFundi pack. Soon, you will also be able to buy other merchandise.

In the WikiFundi pack you will find the following items:


  • Paspberry PI3 offline server
  • preloaded SD card, and
  • charger.

The SD card comes preloaded with the following software and resources:

  • WikiFundi offline editing environment, including articles to facilitate the learning process
  • Offline English Wikipedia
  • Offline English Wiktionary
  • Offline English Wikiquote
  • Offline English WikiSource
  • Training and information videos
  • Training and information materials, resources and documents, and
  • Education resources, including a lesson plan.  You can see just some of the resources that are on WikiFundi here.

The price for the pack is EUR 250, USD 250 or R3,500 + postage costs.

Apply to buy WikiFundi pack using the form below.